Sunday, February 28, 2016

Here, sir, the People govern.

If ever there was a call to revolution in this nation, surely Mitch McConnell has just given it, by stating flat out the Republican Party would "drop Trump 'like a hot rock'". Unfortunately for Mitch, that is neither his right, nor his responsibility, nor his privilege.

Republicans have an obligation to oppose Democrats, and vice versa. That is the nature of our political system and the essence of checks and balances--the two Houses of Congress are designed to act as counterweights against each other (the will of the people vs the will of the several states), and the legislative and executive branches are further counterweights, each (hopefully) motivated to hold the power of the other in check, with the judiciary playing the role of referee. All of this political machinery exists to make true the words of Alexander Hamilton, "here, sir, the people govern." 

The "people"--voters--are declaring by far their preference for Donald Trump as the GOP nominee to run for President in the general election come the fall. Mitch McConnell was not elected to veto the will of voters within his own party. He does not get to have final say on whom is acceptable to stand for the office of President of these United States.

I do support Donald Trump, but even if I did not, the notion of Mitch McConnell daring to arrogate to himself such power would be offensive in the extreme. Neither McConnell, nor Paul Ryan, nor Reince Priebus, nor even the Babbling Baboon in Chief get to say whom will be the GOP nominee. None of these political hacks are empowered to say whom will be the President of these United States. That power belongs to the people, and to the people alone.

If the voters ultimately choose someone besides Trump, so be it. That is true both for the GOP nomination and for the general election. That is not the result I want, but whomever the voters choose is the result that needs to be.

Because, Mitch, we must never forget that "here, sir, the people govern."