Sunday, February 28, 2016

Here, sir, the People WILL govern

There is great satisfaction to observe Senator Jeff Sessions endorsing real estate magnate Donald Trump for the GOP nomination to be President of the United States, coming so soon after his fellow GOP Senator Mitch McConnell proclaimed the Republican Party would drop Donald Trump "like a hot potato" if he were to win the nomination.

Hopefully, it will serve as a reminder to McConnell, and to party elites on both sides of the aisle that the selection of whom shall be President of These United States is a decision that is left to the People of the United States, and to them alone. Neither McConnell, nor any other Republican or Democratic Party official has veto power over that choice.

The Republicans need to coalesce around whomever the people choose as their nominee. If Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio can pull out a miracle at this late date and secure the nomination for themselves, that is whom Republicans should support. But if Donald Trump continues on his winning streak, all this talk of dropping him like a hot potato needs to cease, and the GOP needs to back him to the hilt.

Kudos, Senator Sessions, for bringing this turbulent and chaotic primary season just a bit closer to reality, and for helping ensure for at least a while longer that "here, sir, the people [will] govern."