News Briefs: Australians Push Back Against Hygenic Fascism--Sort Of

What was billed as a "freedom walk" to protest the draconian lockdown rules in Melbourne, Australia, ended with less of a bang and more of a whimper.

Dozens of Melburnians defied stern warnings from the police and turned up at a banned anti-lockdown rally, which was then swarmed by throngs of officers, who used full force to impose harsh Covid-19 restrictions.

Dubbed a ‘freedom walk’, the rally hit the streets of central Melbourne earlier on Saturday. Police geared up for a massive turnout of protesters, sealing off the Tan Running Track and the Shrine of Remembrance – a venue of last weekend’s protests.

Some 1,500 people declared their willingness to attend online, signing up through a now-deleted Facebook group. However, only around 100 protesters actually showed up. Images of lockdown dodgers making their way downtown surfaced online just prior to the event.

However, this was the second small protest, following a similar movement last week.

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Protesters in Melbourne defied a coronavirus lockdown for the second straight weekend on Saturday, prompting 14 arrests and 51 infringement notices for breaching public health orders, as new infections in the Australian hotspot continued to fall.

And the protests are large enough to worry the government, who have begun scouring social media for warning signs of the next anti-lockdown gathering.

Victoria Police confirmed that they are monitoring social media activity ahead of planned protests against the state’s controversial COVID-19 lockdown.

Step by baby step, Aussies are losing their patience with the lunatic lockdown.


Aussies have reason to be impatient and concerned. By any account, the lockdown rules have been re-imposed on the thinnest of pretexts.

All of this is over 17 new cases of COVID-19. This absolutely horrifying that people continue to buy this scam. “Heavy-handed tyranny and oppression is happening everywhere,” Brian adds. If you don’t think this is coming back to the United States in the form of a second lockdown, think again.  The media has been preparing us for a “dark winter” and a “second wave” since the first false wave happened.

The lunatic lockdown was bad enough, but it is infinitely worse when there is no crisis in hand.

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