23 March 2019

The Mueller Probe Ends As It Began: No Facts, No Evidence, No Case

There is perverse pleasure in the sentence, "I told you so"

When Robert Mueller was first appointed special counsel, back in May of 2017, I pointed out that special counsel are abysmal failures. Even before then, I documented how the entire "Russia Hacking" narrative was a colossal hoax. When the much-discredited Intelligence Community Assessment regarding Russian "meddling" was released in January of 2017, I pointed out its fundamental lack of substance.

Last summer I pointed out that, after over a year of non-stop investigation, Mueller had produced zero evidence against President Trump.

I documented the fact-free nature of the "Trump-Russia" conspiracy theory. Not just once, but twice.

I charted how Mueller's indictments and guilty pleas failed to build ANY case against President Trump.

I have documented here Mueller's outrageous  and unethical (if not criminal) treatment of Lt. General Michael Flynn.

Now Mueller has closed his investigation, turned in his report, and we are told no more indictments are forthcoming. After 22 months and tens of millions of dollars, the indictments and guilty pleas we have--the same indictments and guilty pleas that fail to make any case against the President or his inner circle--are all we will have.

This should come as no surprise. The reality has always been that "Trump-Russia" was a hoax, a crude, artless, and ultimately ineffective lie intended to destroy a sitting US President. In these blog posts I have documented this reality, more or less as it occurred. Others have done likewise--in blogs, in videos, in countless social media posts on every platform there is.  Now these commentaries stand as stark criticism of the largest, the most expansive, and the least productive special counsel investigation in American history.

Nor is it merely a criticism of the Mueller probe itself.  The legacy media has been fully complicit in perpetrating this hoax.  The legacy media has ignored facts, has contrived facts, has pretended facts meant something other than what they signified on their face--which I have also documented.

Now these posts--by me here and by others elsewhere--take on the important role of bearing witness to the history of the Mueller probe.  The legacy media will spin their narratives to cover and conceal their embarrassing mis-steps in this entire debacle. 

Already, MSNBC's Joy Reid has suggested Mueller is involved in a "coverup" (her word). Chris Matthews has asked the asinine question "How could they let Trump off the hook?"--unwilling to concede the errancy of his prediction last December that President Trump would resign to avoid prosecution.

The media would like to forget how much they lionized Mueller, and how convinced they were that the former FBI Director would be the one to take down President Donald Trump.  Even more, they would like you to forget--forget that Mueller was ever their "straight arrow" prosecutor, an untouchable cast in the mold of Elliot Ness against Donald Trump's Al Capone. In true propagandist fashion, they have already begun to rewrite history, to conceal their malevolence and their mendacity with true Orwellian revisionism.

The legacy media will not, however, rewrite this blog.  Nor, I dare say, will they rewrite other blogs, nor any of the other commentary that has charted their participation in this unholy mix of paranoid witch hunt and failed coup d'etat.

I ask you to remember, then, that the Mueller probe has ended, and that it has ended as it began: with no facts, no evidence, no case of any kind. Remember that, despite millions of dollars and the full resources of the government at his command, Mueller could not even manufacture evidence to bring against the President. 

Remember the truth, and let that truth constantly condemn the lies that have been told, and will yet be told. Remember the truth--that on 22 March 2019, Robert Mueller finally conceded that he had been investigating the Great Russia Hacking Hoax.

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