07 November 2019

The Tangled Mangled Web Of Clown World

Oh! What a tangled web we weave,

When first we practice to deceive
Sir Walter Scott, Marmion 

There is a certain irony in a blogger beginning his blog by saying "I have no words."

Yet truly there are no words for what we are witnessing unfold in the legacy media. The hypocrisy and the absurdity reaches such a level that even the derisive "Clown World" no longer seems adequate. "Orwellian", "Kafkaesque"...all have been surpassed in the legacy media's quest for ever more drama and controversy.

While the legacy media engages in its dutiful pearl clutching over Donald Trump, Jr., and his seeming "outing" of Eric Ciamarella--the "Humpty Dumpty Whistleblower," who qualifies as as a whistleblower only if you use never-before imagined meanings of the term--it almost casually retaliated against a real whistleblower, the former ABC employee who obtained the hot mic video of ABC News Anchor Amy Rorbach venting frustrations over ABC's decision to squelch an investigative story about Jeffrey Epstein. Literally almost at the same time, the legacy media on the one hand extended the courtesy of pretend anonymity to Eric Ciaramella while denying that same protection to the Epstein whistleblower.

Hypocrisy...absurdity..."Clown World ethics"...all these words apply, and yet somehow none of them do the present reality any semblance of justice.

How is it that ABC News willingly chose to forego a major news scoop three years ago, sitting on the Jeffrey Epstein story for reasons unknown? 

How is it that the legacy media can pretend to be "protecting" Eric Ciamarella's identity when it has echoed across the Twitterverse and even some portions of the legacy media--when even Congressman Adam Schiff failed to fully redact his name from some of the transcripts recently released by his committee (as was discovered by several Alt-Media sources, most notably "71 Republic")?
How is it that neither the Democrats nor the legacy media can be bothered to take note of what the Constitution or federal statutes say regarding the impeachment of the President, or acknowledge that even in Clown World, the rule of law must prevail?

If the legacy media were merely trying to deceive the public, pushing their usual "bread and circuses" pabulum, that would be one thing. If the legacy media and the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives were conspiring to deceive the public to give the Democrats a shot at grabbing political power, that would be another. Yet the legacy media and the Democrats have been so abysmally inept in their deception, it boggles the mind. Even Casey Stengel, sardonic manager of the 1962 Mets--still baseball's gold standard for a truly inept team--and his immortal question "Can't anyone here play this game?" seems pitifully inadequate to the occasion.

Clown World is the land of the insane, apparently.

Clown World is the land of the vengeful, as Facebook and Twitter have engaged in random punitive bans and deletions for accounts daring to publish Eric Ciamarella's name  (including the facebook page for yours truly--in Facebook "jail" for seven days), despite it having been in open discussion online, having been outed  by Paul Sperry of RealClearInvestigations, and having been the most open secret of all in Washington, the city built on open secrets.

Clown World is the land of the unironic triggered virtue signaling, as that gaggle of leftist ladies known as "The View" displayed when Donald Trump Jr., out to promote his book "Triggered", left them in apoplectic high dudgeon by merely pointing out a few (gasp!) empirical facts.

These events would make for a relatively full news week, but all of this has transpired just today (7 November 2019). In just a few short hours, the lunatic left in the US put renewed emphasis on the "lunatic" part.

In one regard, much of this madness seems inevitable. With regards to the current impeachment hysteria, so many demonstrably false assertions have been made that to defend them all invariably leads one into a maze of contradictions. The brazen hypocrisy of the legacy media suppressing vital stories about Jeffrey Epstein was an immediate takeaway from Project Veritas' video drop, which made their punitive retaliation against the whistleblower who provided the video almost a foregone conclusion--it was mere happenstance that it was set against the backdrop of media meanderings about the importance of protecting whistleblowers.

It may also be that the contradictions serve a larger purpose for the legacy media--to sow confusion and chaos in the minds of the public. If people are unsure what to think, they are less likely to question what is reported.

Yet we should question, now most of all, for the contradictions, the chaos, the confusion point to another important truth: the narratives of the legacy media are nothing but lies built upon lies. Adam Schiff's Clown World impeachment inquiry is slowly drowning under a sea of deceptions and contrived leaks from his "secret" hearings, with each leak quickly being discredited as the full transcript of a deposition is made known. ABC News' lawyerly statements on why they suppressed the Jeffrey Epstein story are too clever by half, and leave unanswered the question of why they do not release the story now. Time and again, the legacy media is being caught in yet another bald-faced lie.

While the narratives may be confusing, the facts are not. The facts are still available, the facts are still discernible even within the legacy media's own propagandistic reporting. We know what Amy Rorbach said on the "hot mic" tape, because we can watch the video for ourselves and assess her words for ourselves. We can read the Schiff transcripts from his hearings for ourselves, and most of all we can read the transcript of Donald Trump's phone call to Ukrainian President Zelensky for ourselves, if not to determine his true intent at least to ascertain if there are any grounds for imputing corrupt motive (there are none). We can read the Constitution, and we can look up federal statutes on bribery, corruption, and conflict of interest.

At the core of the tangled mangled web of Clown World lies a simple world of skepticism, of doubt, of critical thinking and of a pursuit of the facts. For many, the pursuit of the facts has been the role of the legacy media, and for many there is hope pursuit of the facts will become the role of the alternative media. Perhaps the alternative media will rise to the moment and become useful distributors of fact and figure. Whether it does or not, every man and every woman should remember that we all have the capacity to pursue the facts. We should all remember we have the power to demand the facts, and to not be turned away until we have the facts.

I have commented too many times to recount how wholly undeserving of trust the legacy media is. The latent left-leaning bias that has always been understood to be the habit of the legacy media has devolved into pure propaganda and clickbait. Presenting information, facts, and figures fails to generate any meaningful media buzz. The media would prefer there also to be high drama, with or without a grounding in the relevant facts. Today, the legacy media proved that once more.

For the sake of drama, the legacy media will lie to you, and do so casually, even contemptuously. The legacy media will lie and prevaricate to defend its chosen narratives at all costs, facts be damned. The legacy media will hide the truth, bury it as deep as it can, to protect the powerful and the elites among us. The past 24 hours have proven all of this in spades.

Such is the tangled mangled web of Clown World.

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